LEARN | Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari

LEARN | Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari

In this Learn component, Farinaz teaches 19 movements from 9 categories of exercise, from conditioning to round kicks to short range strikes. Here you will learn careful form, modifications to tailor each movement to your body, and common mistakes to help you gain confidence in Kickboxing Foundations.

Suggested equipment: skipping rope.
Time: 5 - 10 minutes.

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LEARN | Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari
  • NEW | Welcome to Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari

    World Champion Kickboxer, Farinaz Lari introduces you to her program, Kickboxing Foundations, based on the moves that she trains every day.

  • How to Get the Most out of the Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari

    Farinaz introduces you to her program, Kickboxing Foundations, where to start, what you can expect, and encourages you to get started.

  • Learn Modifications of Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz (1 min)

    Farinaz addresses some common mistakes of Kickboxing Foundations, guiding you on the importance of modifying to help you tailor your training to what your body needs, and giving yourself time and practice to progress.

  • Learn Kickboxing Stance with Farinaz (4 Mins)

    Start by standing with your feet hip width apart before stepping your dominant leg back, turned out naturally. Keep your knees soft, bent slightly, with the majority of your weight on the rear leg. Stay on the ball of your rear foot. Next, relax your shoulders down and make a fist with both hands...

  • Learn Jab and Cross with Farinaz (4 Mins)

    The Jab and Cross are your long range, straight arm punches used to create room between you and your opponent. The reaction of one strike fuels the action of the next: to increase your speed, spend less energy and gain efficiency using these straight shots.

  • Learn Hook with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    The Hook is an explosive short range weapon - you’ll use this move when your opponent is close. This punch is aimed at an opponent’s chin, not the back of the head. Each Hook will hold explosive power as you pivot with your hips and engage your core throughout this strike.

  • Learn Uppercut with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    The Uppercut is also known as a body shot. In kickboxing, this technique is one of the most effective moves to challenge your opponent and take their breath away. Find your stance, focus on form, and let’s go!

  • Learn Knee Strike with Farinaz (3 Mins)

    For your rear knee strike begin in your stance position. Go up on the ball of the foot on your front leg and bring your back knee up and out to strike your opponent. Use the weight of your hips to thrust forward, transferring power to your knee. Aim for the chin with the top of your knee. For a b...

  • Learn Front Kick with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    To throw out a Lead Front Kick, come up onto the ball of your rear leg in your kickboxing stance. Bring your lead leg knee up into your chest before pumping your lead leg straight out in front of you. Keep your toes straight up, striking out with the ball of your foot rather than your toes. Use y...

  • Introduction to Round Kicks

    Round Kicks are whipping kicks that use the full rotation of your body for power. There are three styles of this technique: Low Kick, Middle Kick, and Roundhouse Kick.

  • Learn Low Kick with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    The Low Kick will strike the thigh of your opponent with your shin to disable them from moving too much. This technique will make for an easier target! For a Rear Low Kick, start in a kickboxing stance. Turn your lead foot outwards as much as possible, creating space to pivot your hips and increa...

  • Learn Middle Kick with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    A Middle Kick is delivered swiftly and powerfully to your opponent’s ribs. For a Rear Middle Kick, go up on the ball of your lead foot and transfer your body weight forward. Turn your lead foot out to a 45 degree angle to allow for a big rotation. Throw out your rear leg in a firm kick towards yo...

  • Learn Roundhouse Kick with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    Starting from your stance, start with your Rear Roundhouse Kick. This form is similar to a Read Middle kick: go up on the ball of your lead foot, turning your lead leg outwards, then throw out your rear leg aiming for the head. Keep your weight shifted forward and use the full rotation of your hi...

  • Learn Superman Punch with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    Get ready to throw a bold Superman Punch by settling into your kickboxing stance. From here, you’ll start by preparing your body for a Front Kick - this fake is key to distract your opponent and hide the upcoming strike. As you pull your rear leg back in a forceful kick, skip up and forward on yo...

  • Introduction to Conditioning

    Adding a conditioning routine to your kickboxing practice will increase your strength and endurance in major muscle groups across your body. These moves also improve your ability to maintain posture and balance. The conditioning exercises in Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari mimic actual t...

  • Learn Squat and Knee with Farinaz (1 Min)

    Start by standing with your feet hip width apart before pulling down into a squat, sending your hips back. Your knees should remain aligned above your ankles. Keep your fists engaged in a kickboxing guard position. Stabilize in your squat, not lowering below 90 degrees, then return to standing wi...

  • Learn Lunge & Knee with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    The Lunge and Knee will build strength in your legs and increase your ability to strike high and hard. From standing, step one leg back into a low lunge. Keep your lead knee stacked above your ankle, and your hands in guard position. Return to standing, then raise up on the ball of the same lead ...

  • Plank Walk and Shoulder Touch

    This move will increase shoulder, core, and arm strength and stability in your kickboxing practice. Lower yourself into a high plank position, activating your core and keeping your hips locked and level. Maintaining your plank form, lower from your hands onto your forearms one at a time. Raise up...

  • Push Up and Reach

    This move will simulate an effective kickboxing guard and powerful arm strikes. Start in a high plank position with your feet together or hip width apart. Keep your shoulders stacked above your hands, and begin to lower yourself with control to the bottom of your Push Up. Make sure you keep your ...

  • Introduction to Core

    Core strength is fundamental to developing a kickboxing practice, grounding each technique with strength and control. Practicing these core exercises will also increase your ability to connect complex combinations and flow through movements smoothly and effectively. A strong core is essential for...

  • Jack Knives

    Start by laying on your back, legs straight out in front of you, guard up, and core engaged. Lift your upper body off the floor, at the same time raising your legs; your goal is a V shaped form. When you’re ready, punch out with both arms towards your toes. Release to your starting position, keep...

  • Russian Twists

    Sit with your back straight, knees bent towards your chest. From here, lean back slightly, engaging your core. Bring your legs together and lift your feet off the floor. Your hands should be together in front of your stomach, sticking your elbows out to the side. Now, twist with control from one ...

  • Sit Up and Punch

    Lay on your back with your feet planted on the floor, knees bent. Keeping your core tight and back straight, sit up to a 45 degree angle; coming up too high or too low will disengage your muscles before adding the punch. Throw out a Jab and Cross combination at the top of your Sit Up, remembering...

  • Learn Skipping with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    In kickboxing, Skipping is the most common way to get warm and prepare your body to move. A Skipping sequence will increase your coordination, footwork, and endurance. Good form is essential to get the most out of this exercise!