The Everyday Athlete with Dom

The Everyday Athlete with Dom

Dom created this mini-program to help you tap into your inner athlete. It's the perfect starting point if you want to feel more energetic and incorporate cardio into your life. Dom provided modifications for all levels so you can challenge yourself but feel good at the end of every class. Let's get it!

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The Everyday Athlete with Dom
  • NEW | The Everyday Athlete | A Message from Dom | (1 Min)

    Dom introduces you to his new classes which provide you with a toolkit for your health and wellness. There's a starting point for everyone, with modifications for all levels. Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and find your inner athlete! For more on Dom, visit the Classes by Dom collection.

  • Your Turn | Take Your First HIIT Class with Karen (35 Mins)

    Your Turn is a new series featuring community members taking a turn at a new form of movement. These classes are a follow-along format and are designed to be beginner friendly. If you've ever wanted to try HIIT, kickboxing, or dance but are unsure where to start or if this type of movement is for...

  • Athletic Core with Dom | Core-focused Class (14 Mins)

    Join Dom for a short athletic core-focused workout that moves away from traditional sit-ups or crunches. Dom will prepare you with a full body warm up before taking you through a series of exercises to develop your anti-lateral, anti-extension, and anti-rotation flexion. You will learn plank, aro...

  • The Burner with Dom | All Levels HIIT Class (26 Mins)

    Dom programmed this class for when you want to up the ante and challenge yourself - the theme is intensity! The Burner will do more than improve your physical fitness, it will build your resilience, confidence, and inner strength. Dom will show you modifications to make this class work for you.


  • Athletic Recovery with Dom | Foam Rolling & Stretch Class (18 Mins)

    For Dom, a balanced workout routine is key to longevity as an athlete. In this class, he shares the exercises he uses to bring his body back into alignment. Dom guides you through a full body foam rolling sequence designed to get into tight areas, release tension, and soothe sore muscles. You wil...