A collection of documentaries that use creativity and expression to challenge the boundaries of movement.

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  • Seasons | A Meditation on Movement and Creativity | Short Film (4 Mins)

    Johanna observes a pattern she has formed over time, a pull to function and efficiency, a pattern she is now called to break. Seasons is a short film directed by Josh Richardson that explores yielding to the natural rhythm of change and finding oneself at the intersection of creativity and movement.

  • MONDAY by Candice Vallantin | Short Film (8 Mins)

    Crushed by the tedium of her daily routine, a business woman takes a leap of faith. Clara is suffocated by her commute, by her job, by her life. One day, drowning in anxiety, she finally reaches her breaking point. MONDAY is an experimental film that explores the boundaries of narrative with move...

  • Ten Meter Tower (Hopptornet) by Axel Danielson and Maximilien Van Aertryck

    A ten metre tower. People who have never been up there have to choose whether to jump or climb down. The situation itself highlights a dilemma: to weigh the instinctive fear of taking the step into the unknown against the natural inclination of staying within their comfort zone.