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Learn How to Squat Safely with Amanda | Essential Prenatal Moves (2 Mins)

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  • Learn How to Squat Safely with Amanda...

    In this class, Amanda teaches the squat, a fundamental movement for pregnancy, delivery, recovery, and in parenthood. This movement is important to relearn and adapt to a prenatal practice, especially in preparing for labour.

    Suggested but not necessary equipment: Two yoga blocks.

  • Learn T-Spine Twist to Sunshine Squat...

    This movement combo will warm up your full body and work your mobility in both the hips and spine. To start your T-Spine Twist, stand at top of your mat and begin to soften your knees into a forward fold, exhaling into it. Focus on hinging at your hips and engaging your back to keep from rounding...

  • Learn a New Dance Step | The Biz Mark...

    Hannah from Formation Studio teaches you The Biz Markie, a classic hip hop move that is all about letting go and enjoying the music. This tutorial is meant to be repeated, so take it one step at a time; dance is all about expressing who you are and releasing emotions.

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